RCDD electromagnetic dump iron remover

Belt conveyor can be referred to as "for belt conveyor, mainly use the continuous or intermittent movement of conveyor belt conveying various light and heavy goods, can transport a variety of bulk material, also can transport all kinds of cartons, bags and so on for small pieces of goods, are widely used in metallurgy, building materials, coal, chemical industry, water and electricity, food, instruments (special tape), etc.

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Belt conveyors


RCDD series dry self-dumping electromagnetic iron remover is a kind of iron remover used to automatically remove impurities in powder or block non-magnetic materials. The automatic iron removal device is added on the basis of the RCDB iron remover. The metal mixed in the material is sucked up and thrown out by the iron unloading belt to achieve the purpose of automatic removal, and can effectively prevent the longitudinal crack of the conveyor belt. It is generally installed at the head and middle of the conveyor. It has the advantages of large magnetic permeability, strong suction, dust prevention, rain prevention and corrosion resistance, and can still operate reliably in extremely harsh environment. This series of iron remover is used together with belt conveyor, feeder, etc. It can not only purify raw materials, improve raw material grade, but also be used to recover various magnetic materials. It is widely used in cement, power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical and other industries.

Performance and Parameters
1. Applicable belt speed ≤ 2.5m/s
2. Low energy consumption, high suction and high removal rate;
3. Installation method: horizontal or inclined.
4. Continuous automatic iron removal, saving labor and time, and high production efficiency;
5. Full-sealed structure, which can be used in outdoor and harsh environment;
6. Reasonable structure, reliable and stable performance and long service life;

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