Benefits of cement packaging machine after modification

The rotary packing machine produced by our company has the following advantages: it is controlled by mechanical and electrical system. Besides manual inserting bag, the functions of pressing cement bag, opening and closing of single feed mouth, filling of cement, weighing and dropping of fixed bag can be completed automatically and continuously. And each ash mouth has a set of control system, equipped with microcomputer scale, electric control box, to achieve independent control, non-interference
After the cement packaging machine transformation, it can obviously improve the equipment operation rate, reach the design output, reduce the ash leakage, and improve the production working environment. With only leather nozzles and rubber wheels left in the vulnerable parts, the electrical faults are significantly reduced, and the usage and replacement rate of accessories will be greatly reduced. Moreover, the main control instrument provides a two-year free warranty, and the electromagnet is guaranteed to be replaced once a year. For your company to improve work efficiency, save a lot of spare parts costs.